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To Blog or Not To Blog? I Have No Idea!

I have been staring at this blank screen for two days now, not sure what to write about. (Honesty is the best policy, right?) After reading several blogs about blogging, I’m still not completely sure what I’m doing. One article says I should keep business and personal stuff separate, that I should do a separate blog for each. The next article says I should “mix it up” to keep folks interested. A very lengthy blog told me to fill my blog with pictures and graphs so that viewers can get a visual, so they can ‘see’ exactly what I am saying. Then the next one said to keep the photos minimal, as not to distract from the message. Oh, and the best one? “You should make your blog at least 700 words to show that you’ve put thought and research into what you’re writing about.” What? 700 words? It’s a good thing the very next blog says it should only be around 300-400 words. Wow! After all of that… I am tired of looking at this blank screen, so I decided to just start typing. The only consistency I found amongst the blogs is that I need to blog at least once a week. What in the world am I supposed to talk about?

So, I guess that is what this ‘blog’ is about… What to blog about? I have only done three so far, and let us be honest, the first two were extremely boring. I thought it would be a great way to introduce the newest service we offer: Electrostatic Disinfecting, (If you are interested in what it is, please refer to my first blog, as we are not going to revisit that now). In the second blog I went into specifics about why what we offer is so good. I thought that one was better, but… well, nobody cared about that either. HA! But the third one? The third one, introducing how AvPro was born, that got some interest. Instead of me posting random things about AvPro, what we do, what we offer, “How To’s”, etc.… I thought I would just ask you what you want to read about??? I mean, if I ‘blog’ about what YOU’RE interested in, you’ll read it, right?

And so, I am throwing out all the articles I read about blogging, and I am doing what I do best- I am shooting from the hip, traveling my own path, figuring things out as I go! I have never owned a business before. I have never had to create logos, brochures, marketing packages, or distribution methods. I have never been a saleswoman. I have never had to work on promotional merchandise, equipment design, or customer scheduling. I do all those things now, so how hard can blogging be?

Please don’t be shy! Tell me what you would like to know. Do you want to hear about steam cleaning? Past jobs (that could be interesting? My business-partner? Why we went mobile? Airplanes? My screen is your canvas… and if you don’t tell me what you want to hear, well, who knows what the next blog will be about?

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