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Successful January

January was a success! A whole lot of planes deep cleaned and good as new! February is looking good!


Very happy with my handy work today! We’re out here gettin’ it done!

Eyes to the Sky! ✈️

Beautiful couple days at the airport today! Enjoyed having shelter from the cold although the sky has been absolutely beautiful since the...

It’s Been a Good Year!

It’s been a great year for Avpro! We had alot of fun meeting new people as well as detailing their cars. Can’t wait for the exciting new...

Avpro Hand Applied Car Wax

Avpro is still offering a free wax for those who purchase a full detail in the month of November! Call in yours today!

Too Cool Tuesdays!

For the month of November, Avpro will be giving your car a free wax with the purchase of a full detail! Book your detail today!


We love our customers! Check out our latest fresh coat of wax on this beauty! Sparkling! Book your car’s detail and wax today!


Wax Wednesdays!! Have your car detailed and get a coat of hand-applied wax for free!!!

You Don’t See It, But We Do!

You may not see what we see, but with the careful observation of AVPro, we’ll get your car looking like it just came out of the factory!...


Nothing like a plane and a bag of Mcdonalds to clean on a beautiful Tuesday morning


This jet needed some AvPro love, and now it looks good as new! Was a very cool plane to work with.

Beautiful Morning

Thought this was a nice shot of the van this morning in it’s natural habitat! Very grateful for our work with Victory Airlines.

winter is almost here!

Grateful this week has been cooler than usual! It’s made detailing the planes and cars a whole lot easier for the Avpro team. Winter will...


Always a fun day making fluffy friends at the same time as making a car look good as new!

Spick and Span

Avpro get’s the job done quick! Steam cleaning is the way to go if you want your car, plane, or boat absolutely spotless. Being mobile...

it’s getting hot in here!

The temperature inside of the planes while steam cleaning is anything but chill. Picture yourself in a sauna surrounded by 10 campfires...

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